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Customer Reviews | The Stray Whisker

Based on 694 reviews
Edwin Jaeger silver tip brush.

Beautiful smooth brush .Most luxurious shave ever.
I just love it and it is worth the price.
The Sray Whisker were great to deal with.

This is the ideal container for those with more than one shaving brush and razor

I put this to use straight away to hold some of my Razors and Shaving Brushes, particularly ideal for my larger 30-34 knots. I will be purchasing more of these in the future

A great day to day pen

Excellent little everyday writing tool - well made, feels comfortable to use, and will age beautifully

Very Handy Shave Balm for travel

The balm has a pleasant scent and a very handy size for air travel

Our Favourite Soap

Every so often we find products that become favourites from the first use. Speick's Black Soap is one of those products. Not much more to say! Whenever Con has it in-store, we do like to grab a few!

Always wanted one

A pleasure to lather up

Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream
Paul P. (Australia)
Great lather, subtle scents.

This is the second tube of this product that I have purchased. Con recommended it to me a few months back and I have really grown to like it.
A very simple product to lather up, and it very subtle with scents, it is a really good shaving cream for what I need.

Great hold...

Just recently I decided I wanted to change up my hair product and this one was recommended to me.
It took a few goes to get the amount right, but once I did, I haven't had any problems with the hold this product provides. Probably the best hold of all the products I have tried.
The inevitable downside is that it does take a bit more work to wash out of your hair. It's more than just a simple rinse.

Would I recommend it? For sure. Easy to use, great hold and a great price for the amount you get. Drop into the Stray Whisker and check this product - and the rest of their wonderful products - the next time you're in Leura.

Awesome, high quality soap.

This soap is super slick and has excellent glide and cushion from the lather. Smells great and refined. Lather doesn’t dissipate.

Brilliant razor!!!

I love this razor and stand combo deal. There is no blade overhang and the razor is mild but efficient. It feels great in the hand and shaves like a dream. Well worth the price!

The Stray Whisker RazorWrap
Albert A. (Australia)
Good value for your money and trendy

Good value for your money and trendy too. Would be good to have it in other colours.

Arko Shave Soap - 90g
Mick E. (Australia)
Pleasant Surprise

Nice citrus scent to it. Lathers, by brush, easy enough. Treats the skin well. I was told it had an aroma similar to what might emanate from a bush dance ablution block. Far from it. Refreshing and invigorating is my take. For a cheap soap, I was pleasantly surprised to the extent I bought an Arko shave stick for travel. Recommended.

A classic performance for all skin types

I have sensitive skin that is prone to dryness, but I love the feel of a good soap. Those things don't always go together. Due to my skin type I can struggle to find a product that provides a good performance but is still gentle enough that I can use it regularly. Tabac's Original Luxury Soap is a very notable exception. It's an old recipe but works brilliantly. I am cautious with it on my face (it is okay but you still need to be careful) but for the rest of my body it's perfect and does a much better job than almost any of the newer products I've tried. Despite a change in recipe it still give me the performance I've enjoyed for 30+ years. Highly recommended and added bonus points for the very retro 70's vibe that comes from the packaging.

Good but one tiny amendment to be great

Its a good device to house your brush and razor. However, there is one problem with it that I'd love to see amended. Instead of being able to slide it in and out as you can with the brush you have to pull it up and then up again. That requirement for two motions could encourage people to grab at the head which would increase the chance of cutting a finger on an overhanging blade. It is just a non-intuitive design. Okay if you're only using it to house a razor with no blade but problematic if the blade is inserted. All that's needed, to fix the problem is to add a groove at the head. Keep the hole for the handle but add a groove so you can slide it out via the head then up.

Nice brush, works very well.

Very happy with my purchase of the 452 brush. It’s my first wet shave brush and I’m currently using it with Arko shave soap. Brush lathers well and is easy to clean.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Beau! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying our 452/28 Shaving Brush it and that it's working well for you.

We hope it continues to provide you with a great shaving experience. Happy shaving!

Con | The Stray Whisker

A great addition to the shaving experience

The scent is definitely there. You notice as soon as you open the jar (small but not tiny - a decent size for an oil that is supposed to be used sparingly) that the traditional Tabac scent is present. That isn’t the case with all Tabac products (their travel soap, for example) but in this case there’s no mistaking the familiar smell. It comes with a convenient dropper which helps cut back on wasting any of the oil but you might require a few draws to get the amount you want.

The oil itself has a nice consistency. It's not particularly thick and heavy so it does spread easily. However, it's not so watery that it just slides off your hand or face. That means when you place it on your beard it offers good coverage but without feeling heavy or sticky. And the Tabac smell is there, but not in an overpowering fashion. It does fade after a short time but there’s still a subtle hint of it lingering on the hair.

As I no-longer have a beard I’m using the Tabac oil as a pre-shave. On its own it certainly adds a little bit of glide to the shaving experience and softness the hair a touch. However, I’m also experimenting with it as a blend with Jojoba oil as a way of bumping up the performance of both. Jojoba oil is great on the face and doesn’t carry any noticeable scent but I find it a bit too dense which can interfere with my shaving creams and soaps. Tabac oil, on the other hand, is a bit ‘thinner’ in consistency and can be washed away by the shaving products unless you apply it quite liberally. However, in combination with the Jojoba you get a blend that fixes both issues. You still retain the Tabac scent but get a bit more hold via the Jojoba. That means you end up using less of each which is a good saving. As a bonus, I’ve been able to use the blend as a post-shave to moisturise my face. Jojoba is wonderful in that regard but it can feel a bit too much at times (too thick and greasy) and then there’s a need to apply a scent. Blended with the Tabac you kill two birds with one stone.

Will I buy it again? Yes, absolutely. It works for me as a pre and post shave. It isn’t overly expensive (especially when I can blend it with Jojoba) and it has the smell I clearly enjoy. I think it’s definitely worth others trying, especially for those with a beard.

Simple, effective, necessary

This is an exceptionally simple but well-designed unit that should suit most every person, brush and bathroom decor. The inclusion of separate collars is a nice touch and allows brushes of most sizes to fit neatly. The simplicity of the design and finish also means that it will fit into most every bathroom decor without becoming a distraction or taking away too much space on the vanity or counter top. I have mine sitting flat against the wall and it just does its job without being an eyesore (which would definitely cause trouble with my wife). If you don't want to use it on the counter you can put your spare brushes and razors in and keep in another room. I also bought the single unit to use when I travel. It's equally good although not as handy as having the extra capacity. On top of that there's the great service from The Stray Whisker (the personal note was a lovely touch - cheers to all) . Andrew

Andrew, thank you for sharing your experience! We are delighted that our stand has found a place in your home.

All the very best,
Con | The Stray Whisker

As for the other Oaken reviews I've posted, this is a great shaving soap.

Batavia Barber is a stronger fragrance than Far Afield and Sanctum. It is somehow reminiscent of visits to the barber shop as a child; the smell of after-shave, worn leather barber chairs, the barber using a leather strop to fine the blade of his cut-throat razor....

I really like the memories this brings back to me. It is a stronger scented product than the others but not for everyday, for me. Nevertheless it is certainly one that I use because I feel like an indulgence and a short stroll down memory lane !

Excellent !

I've written about the Oaken Lab's Far Afield so this the same product performance (lush, thick, silky but does not get in the way of the blade) but a different fragrance...and WHAT a fragrance it is. Subtle, soft, slightly musky and now to be top of my rotation list.

Fantastic Quality

This Masamune razor gives a very close and smooth shave with almost no irritation at all. It is the best razor I have owned and I have owned a lot. The razor itself is very balanced in the hand, with the handle having a nice weight, which aids in the shaving experience. Highly recommended and great value for money considering its build quality.

Top shelf soap!

Understated, pleasant scent. Lathers straight out of the tin, to give a slick, cushioning lather. No need to "bloom" beforehand. Another quality hard soap from France. Will definitely buy again.

Jekyll and Hide Oxford Billfold Wallet With Coin And ID Window - Black
Brad J. (Australia)
A good solid wallet.

The wallet is a little thick but holds my personals well.

Surprisingly good!

I was recently in the market for a new body wash. I asked Con here at The Stray Whisker for a recommendation and this is what he suggested.
On first use, I was impressed with the lather and the scent - and I have been loving it ever since. It will definitely be a repeat purchase.

Shave Balm

Awesome post shave balm. This is my second order, I have been using for a while now I am extremely happy with the quality the best I have used. Excellent service.

Thank you Costa! We're delighted you're enjoying our balm.
Warmest regards,
Con | The Stray Whisker

A delight

Excellent shaving creme, very comfortable shave with mild fragrance. A solid favourite.