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Based on 481 reviews

I love reaching for my Eucalyptus Oil & Menthol after shave lotion. It feels so good on my face and the fragrance lasts all day. It also looks very nice in my shaving cabinet!

Handsome Facial Moisturiser 100ml
Paul Phillips (Lithgow, Australia)
What a sensational find

I have previously purchased other Handsome products and have been well pleased with the products. So I thought it was probably time to try a moisuriser.
And I am glad that I did.
The first thing I noticed was how very little of it you have to use per application. I was concerned at first by the (small-ish) size of the container, but after 2 uses, I realised just how long this stuff will actually last!
The second thing is the scent profiles. It is, for lack of a better word, gorgeous. The smell just makes you WANT to put it on your face!!

The best thing about this transaction? Dealing with Con and Kim. They are make things so simple, even during lockdown, and the order was packed and shipped before I even blinked! It arrived barely a few days later. And that is ALWAYS the case with The Stray Whisker. It is why it is my go-to store for personal grooming products!

Paul, we're blushing! Thank you so much for your continued support and very kind words. All the very best, Con | The Stray Whisker

Merkur 933CL - Travel Safety Razor
Ray Christison (South Bowenfels, Australia)
Great for travel

I travel a lot for work and it is great to hear this little Merkur tucked into my utility bag. It's always available and handles well, despite the short handle. It gives the most wonderful close shave.

The Stray Whisker 452 Synthetic Brush - 28mm
Roslyn Jolly (Sydney, Australia)
Made Father's Day

I bought the Stray Whisker synthetic shaving brush for my husband as a Father's Day present and he loves it. He says that it lathers exceptionally well.

Hello Roslyn, great to hear that our 452/28 Synthetic Shave brush has hit the mark! Thank you for your feedback. Con | The Stray Whisker

Great training razor

Great for people transitioning from cartridges, as it will work functionally like any pivoting head cartridge razor. There is blade exposure though, so if you press as hard as a cartridge, you will cut yourself. This makes for a great trainer as the user will get used to using less pressure while not having to worry about a new handling technique. Pairs well with sharp blades (like Astra and Feather).

Wish the top cap was metal, then this razor would last forever.

After Balm Post Shave Moisturiser - 120ml
john butler (Nashville, United States)
After Balm

Best balm I've ever used, and shipping was fast from Australia to US

Thank you John. We truly appreciate your feedback and very kind words. All the best, Con | The Stray Whisker

A wonderful guest experience

An easy, clear, concise online experience followed up by simple set of instructions inside a perfectly packaged box.
Highly recommended….best online purchase I’ve made throughout COVID!

Jonathan, thank you for sharing your experience. It's much appreciated. All the very best, Con | The Stray Whisker

Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

Great lather, smooth, fresh feel and excellent tube for travelling.

Quality Soap

This soap builds an excellent lather with a great post shave feel. The scent I get most is a light aniseed with a mild cooling sensation, a cool breeze rather than an icy blast.
It's a soap I could would use all year round.

Merkur 933CL - Travel Safety Razor
Murray H (Ballarat, Australia)
Great little travel razor

It's a quality razor, same head as the Merkur classics. The handle is slightly shorter than other razors but that doesn't detract from its performance. The case feels well made and should last the life of the razor.

Beard Brush - Double Sided Small
Grant Meuleman (Melbourne, Australia)

Exactly what I wanted!

After Balm Post Shave Moisturiser - 120ml
Rick (Melbourne, Australia)
A friend for your face

If there is one constant in my morning shave, it's The Stray Whisker After Balm. After rinsing my face I apply the balm and let it "soak" for a while before applying an aftershave splash. It provides an instant application of moisturization and calms any slight irritation that I may have experienced. It's easily absorbed and there is no feeling of greasiness. My skin feels so good throughout the day. The ingredients that make up this balm gives me the confidence that I am doing my skin a favour.

Hello Rick,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences of our After Balm! We are very proud of this formulation and are delighted that it has become a regular part of your shaves. All the very best, Con | The Stray Whisker

Paddywax Library Soy Candle Tin 70g - Mark Twain
Nathan Henshaw (Sydney, Australia)
A great scene profile!

I been using candles in my home studio for some time. Bring in lockdown, I’ve been looking for a new scent to try and came across these candles. I took a gamble and got two (the Poe and this). Have tried the Twain first and wow - a really awesome scent. Has a nice light aroma (light and not too over powering). Been walking in and out of the studio and just adds some additional charm - very welcoming and pleasing! Will be getting a full sized one for sure!

Whispers from the Woods Shaving Soap 120g- Santalum
Nathan Henshaw (Sydney, Australia)
A fantastic soap

Really enjoy using this soap. Con introduced me to this when I visited and have never looked back. It is a wonderful sandalwood scent - not too overpowering but just right. A wonderfully thick and slick lather. Have used this on a few shaves and never disappoints.

Merkur 47C Safety Razor
Ray Christison (South Bowenfels, Australia)
Loving it

Since beginning to use a Merkur travel razor earlier this year I have fallen in love with the Merkur slant blade system. It gives a smooth and effortless shave. The 47C is a welcome addition to my shaving collection. I’m very happy with it.

Great stuff!

A fun collaboration between two iconic brands. Felix, the original inspiration for Mickey Mouse meets the world's best pomade brand, IMO. Original scent and regular firme hold, is exactly what you expect from Suavecito

Bowled over

Makes a creamy, small bead lather as promised that I’d never been able to create with a ceramic cup. Beautiful size to fit nicely in the palm and easily cleaned. No chunky, manky shaving bowls of yesteryear.

Phoenix Shaving After Shave & Cologne - Clubguy
Rob Gale (Adelaide, Australia)
Amazing stuff!

Lets keep this one short and sweet. Smells just like Pinaud Clubman, only better. Enough said!

Ariana & Evans Splash - St. Barts
Rob Gale (Adelaide, Australia)
The Carribbean in a bottle

Smells like if you could take the essence of a sun soaked beach found somewhere like Barbados and condensed it into a bottle. This splash will make your skin feel refreshed and smooth and the scent has amazing longevity. Waiting to restock my supply!

Theorie Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo 400ml
Rick J. (Eagle Farm, Australia)
Theorie Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo and Conditioner 400m

Products arrived quickly. They seem pretty good for everyday use and have a very slight scent. Happy with the products.

Orange is the thing

My absolute favourite scent. Highly reminiscent of an English barbershop of the 1950s. As soon as I used this scent it transported me back to my youth. This is a highly evocative smell reminiscent of time past. It is not overpowering but it lasts well. Obviously I highly recommend this product.

Proraso Shaving Soap in Bowl 150ml - Green Tea & Oatmeal
Lazo Poprzencic (Miranda, Australia)
Proraso Shaving Soap in Bowl 150ml - Green Tea & Oatmeal

This is an excellent shaving soap and is reasonably priced.

Long time looker - first time buyer.

I have been eyeing of moisturisers/face buffs for a while now and this one caught my eye.
The charcoal and powdered walnut shell work wonders in shedding the dead skin and unclogging the pores. My face feels super-clean after using it. There is a hint of scent beyond the charcoal which makes it pleasant.
Will definitely be seeking this out when I need more!

Rapira Platinum Lux Razor Set
Stephen Evans (Central Coast, Australia)
Rapira Razor set

Razor with blades was delivered very quickly. It is not a luxury razor by any means but it will make an ideal travel razor. Thanks