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About Us

Believe it or not, for some lucky men, shaving is a joy. It’s a daily exploration of brilliant tools and fantastic scents.

For others it’s a necessity they have never enjoyed. So what’s the difference?

Speaking personally, once I started looking beyond the cans of chemical shave-foam and multi-blade cartridges, I found a community of people who’d already found alternatives: 

old-school companies who have never stopped making traditional razors or shave soaps; and artisans who use great ingredients to make soothing and restorative soaps.

The Stray Whisker was conceived as a curated collection of fine accoutrements for traditional wet-shavers - big words for "we love what we sell".

So here we are, ensuring that the joy and benefits of shaving and grooming using traditional means, becomes widely available to Antipodean men and women. Yes, absolutely women!

As much as possible, we have personally used and evaluated all of the products available on our website. We have done this to give you a head start in your journey through the world of traditional wet-shaving. 

And now we have a store - on the ground - in the Blue Mountains of NSW. It's a calm outpost, brimming with grooming goodness. Please drop by and say hi. We're always ready to find your best solutions, and share what we do. 

Con Kazantzidis 
Shave the Man