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Expert Express - Video Guides

We want you to make the most of everything we offer at The Stray Whisker.

Whether you've just received some items or are looking to purchase, this page is a collection of helpful video links. Learn the techniques, tips and tricks with extra information to help you along your path.

We'll add content as we can, however if there's something you're burning to know, please contact us and we'll work on making a video for that too.

Lather a Shave Soap

Create a rich, creamy lather using a hard shaving soap and a shave brush. Your final result should be a thick creamy lather for your most luxurious shave yet.

This video demonstrates the technique and provides tips for achieving the best results.

Post Shave

What you do immediately after your shave can enhance or irritate your skin. Should you apply moisturiser, aftershave balm or a refreshing aftershave splash?

Learn which is best for you in order to prevent ingrown hairs and experience a more comfortable post-shave.

Shave with a Safety Razor

Con walks you through the preparation for shaving, assembly of your safety razor, and selecting the right angle and pressure for your razor.

Follow these tips and tricks for a smooth, comfortable shave every time.