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Redecker Pumice Stone


The solution to renewed skin... Redecker's Volcanic Pumice Stone works to remove rough, dry skin from elbows, knees, and the soles of your feet. Use it regularly to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

A cotton rope makes for easy storage when not in use. Soften and smooth your skin with Redecker's Volcanic Pumice Stone. This powerful stone removes rough and dry skin from your elbows, knees, and the soles of your feet, leaving you with renewed skin. Its cotton rope ensures easy storage when not in use.

Here's how to use a pumice stone effectively:

1. Soak your feet:
Begin by soaking your feet in lukewarm water for 5 to 10 minutes. You can also exfoliate after a bath or shower.

2. Wet the stone:
While your skin is soaking, also soak the pumice stone in warm water. Never use a dry pumice stone on your skin. A wet stone will glide across your skin easily and reduce the risk of injury.

3. Apply the stone:
Remove your feet from the water and pat them dry with a towel. If your skin is still rough, soak it for a few more minutes before patting it dry. Apply the wet pumice stone to the area with rough skin.

4. Rub gently:
Rub the abrasive side of the pumice stone over your skin in a circular motion with light pressure. Massage your skin for two or three minutes. If your skin feels sensitive or sore, stop immediately, as you might be using too much pressure.

5. Focus on problem areas:
For your feet, pay attention to your heels, sides of your toes, and other dry areas you recognise.

6. Rinse and moisturise:
Rinse your feet thoroughly and pat them dry. Apply a moisturiser such as The Stray Whisker's After Balm to maintain softness.

7. Clean and dry the stone:
Wash the pumice stone and let it air dry for future use.

Enjoy your at-home spa treatment!

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