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Midori MD

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Midori MD Paper: Unparalleled Comfort for the Discerning Writer

Experience the pinnacle of writing paper with Midori MD Paper.

Crafted with the writer's comfort in mind since the 1960s, Midori artisans have meticulously honed this paper to become the gold standard. Its minimalist design removes distractions, offering a clean canvas for your thoughts and creativity to flourish.

Uncompromised Comfort:

  • Nine meticulous processes ensure exceptional smoothness and minimal bleed-through, perfect for all writing instruments, including fountain pens.
  • Cheesecloth mesh tape binding allows the notebook to lie perfectly flat, eliminating any discomfort while writing.
  • Sophisticated simplicity minimizes distractions, letting your words take center stage.

A Legacy of Quality:

Since its inception, Midori has continuously improved the MD Paper range, solidifying its position as the ultimate choice for discerning writers and artists.

Experience the difference. Write with Midori MD Paper.

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