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You're nicked! How to treat a shaving cut

How to treat a shaving cut/stop a weeper.

Usually you're rushing, your razor's more blunt than you thought, or you slipped - but that little shaving nick under the nose or on your neck is often difficult to staunch. Luckily there's something your grandfather knew about which will help.

The shaver's old-time friend is Styptic. But what is it?

Styptic is either a liquid, a crystal-like stick or a "match" and all will help to stop bleeding when applied to a small cut or nick. It also has an antiseptic effect to kill bacteria.

It may also be called "Haemostatic".

How to use Styptic.

Styptic Liquid: apply to a cotton ball or cotton-tip then dab on the cut. Be careful not to double dip - do not contaminate the bottle. 

Styptic matches ready to fix your shaving cut

Styptic Matches: These are tiny, but often all that's needed to quench a nick. Take a match, wet and apply to the nick. Dispose of the match. 

Styptic Crayon or pencil: Wet the end and then apply to the cut. Make sure it is clean and dry before putting away as these sticks can disintegrate if left wet.

What to expect.

It's gonna hurt, and it will stop bleeding. 

You'd think you would cut yourself more with a new sharp blade, but ironically a blade near the end of its time is more likely to scrape your neck or grab your face. So change out your blade as soon as you feel discomfort or tugging - and keep the styptic handy!

No styptic? Try Vaseline or lip balm. They're not antiseptic, but occlusive and may to help seal a very small wound.