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TWO reasons to shave in the shower - and FIVE reasons why not.

To shower/shave or not to shower/shave?

Two reasons to shave in the shower:

  1. The mess of shaving cream and whiskers will be washed away

  2. Your shave and shower will be done quickly (tick tick) - so you can get back to earning the big bucks - or scrolling Tik Tok


Five reasons not to shave in the shower:

  1. Shaving cream can't be applied properly, and won't stay on your face to lubricate the full shave.

  2. (and following from point 2), shaving just with water is to be avoided - lack of "cushion" and "glide".

  3. Your whiskers haven't had enough time to soften properly.

  4. You'll use too much water!!

  5. Droppage, lack of a decent mirror, too much gear to have in the shower with you.
BONUS REASON: Are you going to also keep your razor in the shower? Ew! Your razor not only needs to be cleaned of whiskers and skin cells, but it needs to dry out - to prevent things growing. 'Nuff Said.


So what's the best shaving situation - shower or sink?

Ideally you would use the time under a steaming shower to fully soften your whiskers, dry off the rest of your body, and then shave at the sink. This counts as a great preparation, and will make all the difference in giving you a smooth shave without irritation. Apply the lather while your skin is still damp, the whiskers will be less resistant and you're more likely to have a smooth irritation-free shave.

A lot of us have never done it any other way than in the shower, and never will, but if you're finding your current shaves less than satisfactory, then just maybe explore the dedicated sink shave.