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Wahl Liquid Styptic 60ml


Relieve the discomfort of shaving mishaps with Wahl Liquid Styptic 60ml. Our specially formulated styptic solution provides quick and effective relief for those annoying nicks and cuts that can occur during your grooming routine.

With its powerful yet gentle formula, this liquid styptic is a must-have addition to your shaving arsenal.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of tissue papers and toilet paper, as Wahl Liquid Styptic is designed to instantly seal minor shaving wounds. The unique blend of ingredients creates a protective barrier that promotes healing while preventing infection.

Simply apply a small amount of the styptic solution to the affected area, and experience immediate relief as it works its magic.

The convenient 60ml bottle fits perfectly in your toiletry bag, backpack, or even your pocket. Never let a shaving nick ruin your day again. With Wahl Liquid Styptic, you have peace of mind knowing that quick relief is always within reach.

Key Features
• Quick and effective relief for shaving nicks and cuts
• Instantly seals minor wounds
• Promotes healing and prevents infection
• Convenient 60ml bottle.

Made in Australia, Flag