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Traveler's Notebook Leather Notebook - Regular

Colour: Blue

Traveler's Notebook Regular Size: Unleash Your Inner Explorer 

Embrace the spirit of exploration with the Traveler's Notebook Regular Size, your pocket-sized companion for capturing life's adventures, big or small.

Your Customisable Canvas

  • Compact Portability
    Always be ready to seize inspiration with this conveniently sized notebook that fits effortlessly in your pocket or bag.

  • Boundless Customisation
    This notebook is more than just pages; it's a blank canvas for your creativity. Choose from a wide variety of specialty refills to personalise your experience, including different paper types, zipper cases, pockets, and more.

  • Express Yourself: Add a touch of your personality with charms, stickers, and even used post stamps (we recommend it!). The more you personalise it, the more it reflects your unique journey.

A Legacy in the Making

  • Premium Leather Cover
    The beautiful, natural cow leather cover, crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, develops a rich patina with age, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake that tells your story.

  • High-Quality Refill
    Start your adventure with the included high-quality refill featuring renowned MD Paper, offering a smooth writing experience for all your thoughts and ideas.

  • Functional Versatility
    Expand the capabilities of your notebook with additional accessories like zipper cases and pen holders.

More Than Just a Notebook

  • Passport Case
    Transform your notebook into a secure travel companion by adding a zipper case, perfect for storing your passport, tickets, and other travel essentials.

  • Wallet or Business Card Case
    With the right configuration, your Traveler's Notebook can double as a functional wallet or business card case, keeping you organised on the go.

The Traveler's Notebook Passport Size is an invitation to embrace the everyday and document your experiences, big or small.

It's a notebook that grows with you, a testament to your adventures, and a cherished companion for every chapter of your life.


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