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Traveler's Company Solid Brass Rollerball Pen


Traveler's Company Brass Rollerball Pen: Timeless Design Meets Modern Convenience

Experience the joy of writing with the Traveler's Company Brass Rollerball Pen, a luxurious and practical writing instrument crafted from solid brass.

This pen seamlessly transforms from a compact, pocket-friendly size to a full-length pen for comfortable writing, making it the perfect companion for everyday use or travel adventures.

Here's what makes this pen truly special:

  • Dual Functionality
    Unlike most rollerball pens, this one utilises standard international fountain pen ink cartridges. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to combine the smooth-flowing, clear lines of a rollerball with the vibrant colors and unique properties of fountain pen inks. Imagine writing with the classic blue-black hue for a touch of timeless elegance!

  • Evolving Beauty
    The solid brass construction develops a beautiful patina over time. As you use the pen, the surface begins to oxidize, creating a richer, deeper color and a distinctive character that reflects your writing journey. Minor scratches and imperfections add to the pen's charm, showcasing the natural texture of the brass and its transformation with age.

  • Adaptable and Customisable
    The pen features a removable ring at the top. Attach a hook or string to clip it to your bag or use it as a key holder. Unleash your creativity by adding beads or other decorative elements for a truly personalised touch. Prefer a sleeker look? Simply remove the ring for a streamlined, clip-free pen.

  • Built to Last
    This pen is expertly handmade by Japanese craftsmen, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and efficiency. The included clip, made from iron, complements the aging brass beautifully and develops its own unique patina over time. Any initial unevenness or "stain-like" appearance will lessen with use, becoming part of the pen's character.

  • Convenience and Comfort
    The pen utilises readily available international standard fountain pen ink cartridges in black or blue-black, ensuring a smooth writing experience wherever you are. Whether you slip it into your pocket, clip it to your Traveler's Notebook Pen Holder, or add it to your bag, this pen is ready to go whenever inspiration strikes.

More than just a writing tool, the Traveler's Company Brass Rollerball Pen is a timeless companion that evolves with you. Embrace the natural aging process and create a writing instrument that reflects your personal style and writing journey.

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