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Osma Alum Shaving Soap - 100g


Osma Alum Shaving Soap takes advantage of the natural benefits of alum and creates a luxurious lather that will last you all the way through the shave. This product is made with a combination of old-world charm and classical ingredients that create a lovely lather.

Osma Alum Shaving Soap will help keep your cuts and nicks at bay and will leave you with a fresh and clean complexion.

This natural product is made with the finest alum, which is known to have incredible healing properties. They can be activated when exposed to water and skin, and they can provide a film-like effect on the skin.

The Osma Alum's seal helps keep the moisture in the body for a long time after the shave. Its natural ingredients also nourish and condition the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean.

Scent Profile - Terre d'Hermes Eau de Toilette
Top notes

Orange and grapefruit

Middle notes
Pepper, pelargonium, and flint

Base notes
Vetiver, cedar, patchouli, and Benzoin


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