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Original NuBrush

Colour: Black

The NuBrush Scalp Massage Brush is a versatile and effective tool that provides an invigorating scalp massage and more.

Its fine polyethylene bristles work to revitalise the scalp, helping to remove dandruff and leave hair looking and feeling soft and healthy.

The brush's gentle bristles make it ideal for use in the shower, where it can be used to scrub away dead skin and impurities and to improve circulation in order to combat cellulite.

For optimal results, the Nu Brush should be used in gentle, circular motions, starting at the knees and working up towards the waist and thighs.

Uses and Directions

Hair Brush and Dandruff Remover
Utilised as a hair brush, the nubrush gently combs your hair. Its fine and soft polyethylene brushes will assist in vitalising your scalp and lifting and removing dandruff.

Skin Brush
Under the shower, a nubrush can be used as a skin brush to scrub off dead skin and impurities.

Skin brushing may increase movement of the lymphatic fluid, thus exercising a cleansing and detoxifying action on the whole body.

The lymphatic system, composed of branching vessels in the tissues carrying lymphatic fluid, is a part of the immune system and is involved in the removal of foreign material & cell debris.

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