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Edwin Jagger Ladies Safety Razor - Blue


This Edwin Jagger Ladies DE Razor is the only wet-shaving product designed specifically for women who are looking for a clean and effective shave.
The longer handle provides enhanced reach, for those trickier areas and a choice of four beautiful new pearl-effect colours means you can have a smooth shave without compromising on style.

The closed comb head is precision engineered and is finished with high-quality chrome plate.

Ships with a complimentary Feather Hi-Stainless blade

Total Length: 101mm
Handle Length: 93mm
Weight: 72g 

Made in Great Britain, flag

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edwin Jagger

I am absolutely blown away by the safety razor! I have never used a safety razor before in my life, I've always used the plastic cartridge, the 5 blade razors. Well, that's an absolute waste of money! And the plastic, ridiculous! I decided to venture into the magic of the internet and explore and find out everything I could about safety razors. That being so, I found myself in the checkout ordering my first ever SR. I was shocked by the amount of plastic razors are thrown away in a year, hence I decided I do not want to partake in that. The blades are easily recyclable and the razor can last you years and years. Assembling the SR itself is very easy, and with a bit of caution, you will not cut yourself (mind you, I managed to cut myself with a butter knife!). Then I applied the shaving soap with the brush on a small area and did a test run. It just glides, no need for pressure, and you kinda figure out the angle as you go (generally it's about 30 degrees). I finished my legs in a few minutes without any cuts at all, and there is no appearance of bumps, skin irritation or razor burn. How amazing! The razor itself didn't slip and I could hold it easily with wet hands, would be more practical if the handle was slightly longer, but it does not affect the effectiveness of the blade. I definitely recommend the Feather blades, the sharpest on the market, they give a really close, smooth shave. I definitely recommend to anyone to ditch the single-use plastic razors and invest in a safety razor, it is a bit more expensive but it ends up being cheaper in the long run!

Ana Dimeska

Quite a nice and sturdy razor for first time users! It's very obvious that the design and feel is made with high quality and precision. Very comfortable and easy to grip and clean! Would definitely recommend this product!

Close Shave

I've only used it once since I received the shaver but my experience was great - I had a weeks worth of growth on my legs and I would have struggled with a more conventional Venus shaver, but the Edwin Jagger worked perfectly to remove the hair without having to shaver over the same spot 5 times. My shave was also super close and left me with silky skin. Only con is I would have preferred a slightly longer handle as this one is a bit short and thus less comfortable to hold.