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Staff Pick

Edwin Jagger DE 89 Knurled Chrome DE Safety Razor


The DE89 safety razor has been made using highly detailed and pronounced knurling that provides excellent grip.

The razor is perfectly balanced and offers a smooth and comfortable shave.

This double edge safety razor is fitted with the classic Edwin Jagger DE head, which has been popular amongst the wet shaving community for many years. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and finished with a high-quality chrome plate. It has an excellent reputation for the expert level of shaving it achieves.

The classic Edwin Jagger closed comb razor head is praised for being an excellent choice for those trying traditional shaving for the first time, whilst remaining a firm favourite of those who are more experienced shavers.

When used with any standard DE razor blade and quality shaving cream or soap, this razor will produce a close and accurate shave often compared to that of a straight razor.

The handle is finished with a quality chrome plating and an attractive knurled pattern, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance and enhanced wet grip.

The handle length of the razor is approximately 85mm, with the overall length of the razor measuring approximately 93mm.

This product includes one free Feather Hi-Stainless DE Safety Razor Blade to get you started.

Feather Blades are the preferred pairing recommended by Edwin Jagger as the sharpness of the blade paired with the head offers a comfortable, clean shave.

The blades can be recycled after use, making this product a popular choice for those looking for a waste-free method of shaving.

Ships with a complimentary Feather Blade

Made in Great Britain, flag

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Beck
Close as you get

Close shave, very well made

Robert Duncombe
Solid shave

One felt an old fashion clean cut shave using this well made safety razor .

Hello Robert, glad you're enjoying your new safety razor. It was a pleasure chatting on the phone last week. All the very best, Con | The Stray Whisker

Smooth, excellent finish

I've had Merkur razors since I stared DE shaving 10 years ago and only use a 34C and a Merkur long handle. The EJ89 will be my go to from the 1st shave. It's incredibly smooth with my preferred blades. The final result is probably not much different, but getting there is. It's also very well finished. Only time will tell how it wears, but EJ have put effort into presentation that Merkur has not. Weight is lighter than a 34C and is more towards the head, which for beginners is ideal - you want the weight of the head to do all the work.

Great shave

Nice chunky feeling razor, and seems to cut me a lot less than my last one. A bit hard to dry as the handle doesn't have a hole all the way through, but that's a very minor issue. Highly recommended.

Great for beginners

I really wanted to stop using a disposable razor but was nervous to try a safety razor. I'm so glad I made the switch though! This razor has a great weight to the handle, is easy to use and most importantly does the job!

I am now a man

After using the Super Mach Turbo 3 Alpha Edition all my life, I feel like I finally became a man when I put this double edge razor to my neck. Taking my time to shave properly feels relaxing. In a world that is screaming by at a billion miles an hour, sometimes it's nice to just chill out and take your time to do something slowly, deliberately and methodically. To be fair, I'm sure many reputable double edged razors would have done the job just as well. I chose this one because the handle is easy to grip, even when wet and covered in soap. It has a nice weight to it without feeling too heavy. I bought this along with some other products and they were beautifully packaged and they even included a hand written thank you card. I can tell The Stray Whisker cares about their customers and I'll definitely be ordering from this site again in the future.