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Derby USTA Half Razor Blade - 100 Blades


A new series of Derby blades called USTA, which means master in English. They are different from the regular Derby Extra blades.

Derby Usta Shavette Razor Blades, blades are made from stainless steel, produced with new honing technology and double polished.

Most users find these new blades to be sharper, similar to Permasharp blades.

They offer very nice, smooth and close shave without irritation. These half blades are specially made for using with shavettes.

Produced from high-performance stainless steel. The blades have been developed with special chromium, ceramic, platinum, tungsten and polymer-coated edges technology for optimum durability and shaving comfort.

Comes in a box containing 100 blades. Each blade comes wrapped in wax paper to prevent contact with moisture.

Suitable for shavettes and the Broman Razor.