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Davroe Construct Gel - 200ml


Davroe Construct Gel provides a strong hold.

  • Strong Hold
    This gel promises to keep your hair in place all day, which is ideal for styles that require a lot of hold, like spikes, textured styles, or slicked-back looks.

  • Flexibility
    Even though it provides a strong hold, Davroe Construct Gel is also said to be flexible. This means you can still style and re-style your hair throughout the day without it becoming stiff or crunchy.

  • Reworkability
    One of the interesting features is that you can add water to reactivate the product and adjust your style during the day. This can be helpful if you find your hair getting a bit too stiff or if you want to make minor changes to your look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Paul P.
Great hold...

Just recently I decided I wanted to change up my hair product and this one was recommended to me.
It took a few goes to get the amount right, but once I did, I haven't had any problems with the hold this product provides. Probably the best hold of all the products I have tried.
The inevitable downside is that it does take a bit more work to wash out of your hair. It's more than just a simple rinse.

Would I recommend it? For sure. Easy to use, great hold and a great price for the amount you get. Drop into the Stray Whisker and check this product - and the rest of their wonderful products - the next time you're in Leura.