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Traveler's Company Solid Brass Pencil


Traveler's Company Brass Pencil: A Timeless Writing Companion

This meticulously crafted brass pencil, born in a historic Japanese press factory, offers the perfect blend of portability and timeless design. Here's what makes it special:

Built to Last, Made to Travel

  • Two-in-One Design
    The pencil telescopes seamlessly between a compact, pocket-friendly size and a full-length writing instrument, making it ideal for on-the-go creativity.

  • Developably Beautiful
    The solid brass holder undergoes a stunning transformation with use. Natural oxidation creates a rich patina, deepening the colour and adding a unique character that reflects your writing journey. Expect to see minor scratches; they add to the natural charm of the brass and its shared voyage with you.

  • Adaptable to Your Needs
    The included eraser can be removed for a minimalist, clip-free aesthetic. Whether you prefer it clipped to your Traveler's Notebook Pen Holder or tucked into your pocket, this pencil adapts to your carrying style.

  • Long-lasting Performance
    Refill sets featuring both pencil lead and eraser ensure you can enjoy this exceptional writing tool for years to come. Additionally, a shorter pencil option caters to those who prefer a more traditional writing thickness.

Aesthetics That Evolve: Embrace the natural aging process. As the brass oxidizes, the iron clip and cap will develop their own unique patina, creating a harmonious aesthetic that reflects the history of your writing companion. Any initial "stain-like" appearances will diminish with use, becoming a natural part of the pen's character.

More than just a pencil, this Traveler's Company Brass Pencil is a tool that evolves with you. Write your story and watch it reflect in the ever-changing beauty of this exquisite writing instrument.

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