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Suavecito Original Hold Pomade 32 Oz Tub

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Suavecito was up late one night working on another batch of their pomade when they made a terrible mistake of leaving the cans in the oven a little bit too long. Overcooking these pomades can cause strange results and all of sudden they had massive tubs of product rolling off the assembly line. They were huge and filled to the brim with pomade. Well, and they were on fire. Suavecito workers stared in amazement until the smoke-filled their lungs and they realized what was happening. They had to hit the emergency stop button. As the smoke settled they turned to one another and all had the same idea. What if Suavecito produced a larger size of pomade that would last forever? Viola! the 908g pomade tub was born!

The size used by professional barbers and now you can use it too! This large size will last you for a ridiculously long time. Think of it as an investment to your future - your future of looking sharp!

• 32 ounces or 908g of Original Pomade
• The best deal you'll find
• Water-soluble pomade - washes out with water
• Medium hold - medium shine
• No harsh chemicals

Net Weight
908g (32.oz)