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IRONMAN® By Bexters Chafe No More Extreme

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A neoprene and wetsuit-safe, waterproof anti-chafe product that has been specially designed with IRONMAN triathletes in mind. Perfect for endurance events, the wax-like cream is easy to apply and can be used to fight chafing at different points throughout the race.

Triathletes can use the Anti Chafe Extreme at rubbing points on the wetsuit to provide comfort, safe in the knowledge there’s no damage to their gear, as well as lather their feet to ensure a smoot slip in to the cycling shoes and no discomfort from sand rubbing. Of course, Anti Chafe Extreme is also ideal for chafing prevention at the usual discomfort spots; inner thigh, groin, buttocks, nipples & armpits.

IRONMAN® by Bexters Anti Chafe Extreme is a non-greasy waterproof balm that is formulated for use under a wet suit to protect the skin from chafing and to aid entry and removal of a wet suit.

IRONMAN® by Bexters Anti Chafe Extreme contains vegetable oils and waxes together with a mix of silicones that enhances lubrication and provides a barrier on the skin. Anti-Chafe Extreme is petroleum jelly free making it safe for use under compression garments, wet suits, triathlon suits and other sporting attire.

IRONMAN® by Bexters Anti Chafe Extreme:
• Long Lasting Protective Barrier
• WaterProof
• Non Greasy
• Petroleum & Mineral Oil Free
• Wetsuit Safe

How to Use
Apply generously to areas of the skin that are likely be exposed to rubbing during activity. Also apply to arms and legs to aid getting in and out of a wetsuit. Re-apply as often as required. Wash off with a mild detergent when the activity is finished.


Best used for medium to long distance races and for races where skin comes in contact with water.