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IRONMAN® By Bexters Chafe No More

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A perfect product for regular, short-distance use and ideally used in training sessions and single-discipline events, as it is not waterproof. An easy roll-on application, the Chafe No Moreanti chafing cream provides a lightweight, non-greasy protective barrier. Recommended for use in marathons to avoid rubbing of the nipples and feet, as well as for cycling to prevent saddle rash. Developed with athletes in mind, Chafe No More can be used by anyone experiencing chafing discomfort.

RONMAN® By Bexters Chafe No More provides a non-greasy light weight protective barrier on the skin to prevent chafing, friction and blisters. The roll on application provides a thin even layer on the skin creating a smooth, barely there protective coating. 

IRONMAN® By Bexters Chafe No More is free from mineral oil and petroleum jelly making it safe for use under compression garments, wetsuits, triathlon suits and other sporting attire.

IRONMAN® By Bexters Chafe No More:
• Long Lasting, Light Weight Formula
• Contains Aloe Vera to Soothe & Moisturise
• Petroleum & Mineral Oil Free
• Convenient Roll On Application

Best used for short to medium distance races.