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The Stray Whisker

The Stray Whisker Silver Tip Badger Shave Brush - 26mm

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The Stray Whisker is proud to present our very first Silver Tip Badger Brush

This shave brush has been made using a high quality silver tip badger knot. The brush exhibits excellent flow-through and luxuriously soft tips.

Although the brush has a loft of approximately 55mm it still posses more than adequate backbone due to the generously dense knot.

The HG Silver Tip Brush may possess a slight malodorous characteristic which will fade after approximately 5-7 uses.

In order to expedite the process, we have included a sample of our proprietary TSW Brush Cleaner. 

All efforts have been made to sterilise and remove all extemporaneous materials from the knot, we suggest you soak the brush using our cleaner in luke-warm water for 30 minutes prior to initial use. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat. 
Further use will ensure the odour, if any, will completely fade.


Fibre: High Grade Silver Tip Badger

Weight: 90g

Handle Height: 61.5mm

Loft: 55mm

Knot: 26mm, (approaching 27mm to 27.8mm range)

Overall Height: 116.5mm