Böker "Tree Brand" Micarta 5/8" Set

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Straight razor set consisting of straight razor and accessory kit!

We now wish to continue this tradition with our latest model of shaving knives. The blade grind is particularly unusual, giving the knife exceptional dynamics.

The solid 5/8 inch carbon-steel blade (very good edge-holding; not stainless) is particularly attractive due to the combination of the extra-fine hollow grind with two false edges on the spine.

This exceptional razor is fabricated in 140 processing steps by the Böker in Solingen.

Beginners are fully equipped and can get started right away with the accessory set.

The kit contains the following:

• Böker Tree Brand 5/8" Straight Razor

• Black Fibre shaving brush

• Cow Hide Strop with linen backing and strop paste

• Stand for the straight razor and brush

• Aloe Vera shaving soap puck in porcelain container



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