Cool it! Don't Hold Back The Menthol

So what is menthol then?

The chemical name of menthol is cyclohexanol-5-methyl-2-1-methylethyl.

Although this is a mouthful and sounds impressive, menthol is actually a very simple organic molecule with a characteristic minty smell.

It can be derived from natural sources, such as peppermint and eucalyptus plants, or produced synthetically.Menthol has a range of invigorating and soothing properties that make it a versatile ingredient in shaving  products.

When applied topically to the skin, ingested, or inhaled, menthol produces a cooling sensation. Menthol does not, in fact, lower the temperature of the body or skin.

Instead, it produces this cooling effect by blocking the calcium current along the nerves responsible for detecting temperature.

The message that the individual receives via the nerve endings is that the skin or body is cooling.

Menthol's ability to produce a cooling sensation on the skin makes it an extremely useful ingredient in aftersun creams and lotions, which are designed to be applied to the skin after exposure to the sun.

Menthol alleviates the hot, painful sensation that overexposure to the sun can trigger.

Many people find menthol's cooling sensation to be uplifting and invigorating.

As a result, menthol is used as an ingredient in shave and skin care products that are designed to refresh, revitalise, and enliven the skin.

Menthol has pain relieving properties when applied topically. It is particularly beneficial in alleviating the pain associated razor burn.

When applied to the thin skin on the lips, menthol improves the flow of blood to the area know as vasodilation. This assist in the healing process post shave.

So, lets break this down step by step.

  1. Menthol products are effective as pre-shave preparation as they help bring your whiskers to attention through “cooling the skin.
  2. Mentholated shaving soaps & creams provide a refreshing experience during warmer months
  3. Mentholated aftershave balms and splashes help cool the skin post shave, assist in the healing process through vasodilation and also provide mild anti-bacterial protection.

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