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Contain-ing a soap puck

Posted by Con Kazantzidis on

Sometimes a more convenient and cost effective way to purchase shave soap is to buy a refill puck. The problem, more often than not is that most traditional wet-shavers prefer to lather their shave soap from a container.

There is a very quick and easy way to achieve this. All you need are a couple of household items.

Here's what you'll need.

1. Shave soap refill

2. Grater

3. Piece of paper or cardboard

4. Spoon

5. Spray bottle containing water

6. A plastic or glass container

Simple grate the soap refill soap into flakes on a piece of cardboard. 

Carefully place the soap flakes into the container. Spray a small amount of water and flatten with a spoon.

Repeat the process until most of the soap has been grated and placed into the container. 

Please take extreme care when grating the soap.

Allow the soap in the container to dry overnight before use.

NOTE: You may add a small amount of vegetable glycerin if you wish. Adding glycerin to shave soap assists in creating an "uber-lather", though the soap I've used in the video does not require it. 

This step is optional

Note also that some people like to melt shave soap in a microwave oven. I would avoid this as it may alter the performance of the soap and break down the aromatic compounds present.

Soap Refills using Acca Kappa Shave Soap from Stray Whisker TV on Vimeo.